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Car Brokers: Why we do what we do!

Posted by Jason Masri on 04/12/17 09:44

Many dealers will go above and beyond to service clients and be fair as a business to themselves and their customers. While some others are about just themselves. They will bend rules, they will duck, weave and mislead.

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7 tips to buying a car

Posted by Jason Masri on 03/12/17 23:27

Buying a car is a pretty big deal for most of us, especially as we work hard to pay for it.  In this blog we're going to help you with 7 tips to help you buy the best car at the best deal.  

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5 tips to selling your car fast and for top dollar.

Posted by Jason Masri on 03/12/17 11:34

When selling your car there are so many options.  It is often hard to work out what to do and which option to go with.  In this blog we'll give you 5 tips which will help you work out the best option to get the most value and the best price for your car when selling it.

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