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Comprehensive Credit Reporting - The Lowdown

Posted by Ace Shuster on 04-Jul-2018

Like it or not Comprehensive Credit Reporting is here, and the impact for lenders, banks, companies and individuals is something everybody needs to understand.

The Legal Mumbo Jumbo

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Commercial Truck Finance

Posted by Ace Shuster on 04-Jul-2018

Truckie jobs can earn you up to $100,000 per annum on the east coast of Australia and up to $200,000 in the west, where job demand has increased at a rapid rate over the past several years.

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$20,000 Tax Depreciation Allowance

Posted by Ace Shuster on 13-Mar-2018

Tax Depreciation Allowance, Tax Free Allowance, Small Business Tax Cut, $20,000 Tax Write off, $20 000 instant asset write-off, $20 000 tax deduction for small businesses... Its known by many names.

What is it?
How does it work?
Do I Qualify?

We asked our good friend Ray Taggart - Taxation & Planning Business Guru, and Principal of Taggart & Partners

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How to buy a used car, without being ripped off.

Posted by Ace Shuster on 09-Feb-2018

So you’ve decided that it’s time to treat yourself and upgrade your car. After doing countless hours of research and looking through more car ads than you care to count on Gumtree and, it’s time to head to a car broker and get to start the negotiations. There are used car brokers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Australia wide, and by shopping around you can find a car broker, who isn’t out to rip you off.

Used car buying should be exciting, not stessful. So here's our guide on how to buy a used car without being taken for a ride.

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7 mistakes to avoid when applying for a machinery loan

Posted by Ace Shuster on 05-Feb-2018

To sustain and grow your business it's sometimes necessary to apply for a machinery loan. Whether it's for farming, freight or couriering, machinery makes business success possible. 

However, purchasing and maintaining business machinery is costly. That's why it can be a good idea to take out a machinery loan to help grow your business in a way that is both profitable and managable. When this time comes, it's crucial to assess your business needs, that way, you can find out if a loan is right for you. So let's take a looks at the 7 mistakes you should avoid when applying for a machinery loan.

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Finding the best machinery finance - what to look for.

Posted by Ace Shuster on 01-Feb-2018

Buying new machinery and equipment is one of the most costly investments a business can make. Whether it’s replacing and upgrading old equipment or purchasing additional machinery to enable business growth, upgrading machinery and equipment can be essential to scaling your business.

With machinery being such a large investment, obtaining machine finance from a finance broker is often crucial. This provides you with the necessary funds to purchase the specialist machinery and equipment required to grow your business.

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10 questions to ask before applying for equipment finance.

Posted by Ace Shuster on 29-Jan-2018

Whether your business is product or service-based, having the necessary equipment is vital to keeping your venture operating smoothly. Replacing, upgrading or purchasing equipment for the first time can put a serious pinch on your cash flow but with the right equipment financing, you can get the things your business needs without making a substantial dent in the bottom line. 

That's why it's more efficient and smarter for your business to apply for finance. But before you take out a huge finance loan, there are ten questions you need to ask before you decide to apply for equipment finance.

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How to get commercial truck finance.

Posted by Ace Shuster on 25-Jan-2018

Commercial trucks and equipment can be very expensive to buy outright. The majority of trucking companies, whether large to small, often find themselves depending on commercial truck financing to lease or buy what they need, whether that's a flatbed, tipper, semi, curtainsider, box body, temperature-controlled body, Luton peak body, a road tanker, or other related equipment required to keep the truck operating. In this blog, we'll share 5 tips to help you get the best truck finance in Australia.

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How to get car finance, especially with bad credit.

Posted by Ace Shuster on 16-Jan-2018

Credit history is a major factor in getting approval for a car loan, and also affects the interest rate for financing on the purchase. Trying to buy a car when you have bad credit can be quite challenging, even with a stable job history with a good salary. Unfortunately, the lender sees a history of high debt and late payments as a sign that you're a high risk of default on loan payments. 

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5 benefits of selling your car on consignment.

Posted by Jason Masri on 12-Jan-2018

Trying to sell your car privately used to be a struggle and grind. Who wants to have to deal with time wasters and tyre-kickers who constantly don’t bother to show up, or offer a low-ball 50% of your asking price? It's usually enough to make anyone give up trying to sell their car privately, and settle for a trade-in well below market value instead.

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