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Comprehensive Credit Reporting - The Lowdown

Posted by Ace Shuster on 04-Jul-2018

Like it or not Comprehensive Credit Reporting is here, and the impact for lenders, banks, companies and individuals is something everybody needs to understand.

The Legal Mumbo Jumbo

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$20,000 Tax Depreciation Allowance

Posted by Ace Shuster on 13-Mar-2018

Tax Depreciation Allowance, Tax Free Allowance, Small Business Tax Cut, $20,000 Tax Write off, $20 000 instant asset write-off, $20 000 tax deduction for small businesses... Its known by many names.

What is it?
How does it work?
Do I Qualify?

We asked our good friend Ray Taggart - Taxation & Planning Business Guru, and Principal of Taggart & Partners

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7 mistakes to avoid when applying for a machinery loan

Posted by Ace Shuster on 05-Feb-2018

To sustain and grow your business it's sometimes necessary to apply for a machinery loan. Whether it's for farming, freight or couriering, machinery makes business success possible. 

However, purchasing and maintaining business machinery is costly. That's why it can be a good idea to take out a machinery loan to help grow your business in a way that is both profitable and managable. When this time comes, it's crucial to assess your business needs, that way, you can find out if a loan is right for you. So let's take a looks at the 7 mistakes you should avoid when applying for a machinery loan.

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10 questions to ask before applying for equipment finance.

Posted by Ace Shuster on 29-Jan-2018

Whether your business is product or service-based, having the necessary equipment is vital to keeping your venture operating smoothly. Replacing, upgrading or purchasing equipment for the first time can put a serious pinch on your cash flow but with the right equipment financing, you can get the things your business needs without making a substantial dent in the bottom line. 

That's why it's more efficient and smarter for your business to apply for finance. But before you take out a huge finance loan, there are ten questions you need to ask before you decide to apply for equipment finance.

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